Workforce Process

8 Steps to fulfilling Staffing Needs!

At Apercu, when it comes to Staffing/Recruitment, we provide a comprehensive set of services to support talent, which creates sustainable competitive advantage. Right talent and workforce solutions equip you with unmatched power of harnessing technology to make smarter, faster decisions.


Job is born


Apercu’s personalized approach is to understand your organization’s cultural and organizational customized needs.  Our recruiters are technically qualified individuals whose aim is to understand and “sell” job description to the right candidate.


Initiate Search

Our recruiters then conduct a preliminary research on availability, market condition, search strategies and evaluate candidacy pool.


Skills Assessment


An initial screening process used by Apercu that evaluates potential candidates' career progression, adaptability to environment and objectives.

Skills Assessment

Candidate Evaluation


 Candidates identified as top talent during the initial screening are first qualified over the phone and then brought into one of Apercu offices to evaluate candidate's academic and job history, career motivations, salary and benefit expectations, leadership skills, and mentoring capability. By understanding your corporate culture, technical environment, and scope of projects, our recruiters are able to access the candidacy effectively.


Background Check

For qualified candidates, Apercu utilizes a nationally recognized 3rd party firm to conduct background checks, as well as employment and education verification. Along with these initiative, we conduct peer and supervisor reference checking.


Short List

Qualified Candidate resumes along with our profile rate assessments are presented to you for your convenience.  Secondly, candidate profiling is sent for your reference to provide the benchmarks against which the candidate’s profile is assessed. These Assessments provide you with vertical and horizontal assessment of the candidacy to the job description.

Onsite Interview


Our professional Recruiters personally coordinate phone screens and/or face-to- face interviews.


Hiring and Follow-up


As the ideal candidate is identified and selected, Apercu provides a partnered approach to finalizing the hiring and identifying the start date of the engagement. During this cycle, Apercu team has been working with you and the candidate to bridge the gap and build relationship on practical grounds, thereby minimizing any expectation gap between yourself and the resource. A constant feedback gathering by recruiter from you and the resource helps ensure the engagement is mutually beneficial for you and the resource.