Managed Service Provider


Managed Service Provider or MSP is a service, provided for companies that require information technologies to be managed via the Web. Whilst MSP manages all IT operations, MSP client uses ASP or internal operations to run its business functions.

Apercu Global’s MSP is designed to support a fast-growing organizations, seeking to maximize their network security through managed services.

Apercu Global was a pioneer in MSP services, being one of the first to design the process of how companies purchase and manage technology nowadays. Having practiced this service for more than 15 years, we offer the best on market program that provides our clients with ultimate flexibility in the deployment of IT products and services. We offer both on-premises and cloud-based solutions to satisfy the need of every client.

Our MSP program offers a consistent global framework, providing partners with access to the industry’s broadest, most advanced IT services.

Apercu Global is a trusted security advisor to remotely monitor and support organizations, while maintaining control over their operations, pricing, reporting, and billing.

Our IT Managed Services enables our clients to place resource-intensive IT operations under the management of our experienced consultants, while optimizing existing resources and focusing on strategic IT projects.