Global Delivery


While choosing IT services provider, organizations are looking for effective solutions delivered with the right mix of skills, experience and global reach.

Apercu Global provides with world-class delivery capabilities, which coupled with our global reach, industry insights, innovative solutions, industrialized assets and deeply-skilled professionals, make us number one IT services provider in the industry. Our primary focus is to generate measurable business value for our clients through reliable, cost-effective high-quality services. At Apercu Global, we anticipate and understand the needs of our clients, offering them receptive, responsive and prompt service delivery, resulting in profitable long-term relationships. Having 2300 full-time consultants in 25 countries worldwide, Apercu Global is a preferred business process outsourcing partner in the world, providing with management, technology and personnel consulting.

We are continuously improving our services, enriching our knowledge to match the culture of our clients, striving to attain ever-higher levels of productivity, precision and predictability.

Apercu Global’s consultant have a business acumen, accompanied by deep industry and technology knowledge and by variety of skills, tools, architectures, processes, methods, analytics and metrics, which help our clients generate top-notch innovations and achieve unmatched results.

We operate on a global level, which is allowed by our main principle: Local Presence= Global Delivery. We optimally leverage global scale process standardization and professional expertise, implementing world-class cost efficiency practices in production management, enhancing financial performance and customer satisfaction for each business service.


Our Global Delivery services include, but are not restricted to:

  • Account Assessment and Direction
  • Data transfer and validation
  • Guidance of import/export regulations 
  • Invoice auditing
  • Organization and Transition
  • Performance monitoring
  • Quality control
  • Senior Level Support and Resources
  • Technological Innovation