Telecom Expense Management

Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

Telecom Expense Management for either BYOD or CYOD corporate philosophy.


Telecom domains tend to be focused around market shares with cutting edge technology solutions/package offerings to their clientele. Our Telecom focus enables telecom companies to adopt best practices when implementing programs/project for internal and external clientele with cost effective budgeting and efficient solutions at the very core of our services. We enable best technology evolution to fulfill all our spectrums of your telecommunication needs in complex solutions such as Telecom Expense Management.

Apercu’s Telecom Expense Management system provides you with control and practical management of data, mobile, computer networks, the Internet and telephone communication services expenditures.

Using our TEM program will help you cut the organization costs, increase productivity, and ameliorate existing communications infrastructure.

 TEM solutions software helps you quickly identify areas of over-spending, whether it is mobile device management, telephony networks overlap, carrier contracts, or billing and invoice management. By evaluating which of these cause excessive expenses, you can advocate short term and long term savings.

Expense Management solutions contribute directly to your cash savings from telephony contract consolidation, overpayments on disputed bills.

Apercu Global’s TEM provides you with:


  • Experienced telecom expense management team to manage your telecommunications costs
  • Increased visibility and control over global telecommunication expenses through business intelligence reporting and dashboards
  • Monthly electronic invoice acquisition
  • Rationalized complex automated telecommunications expense management processes
  • Validation and dispute of telecom billing errors