Telecom CRM

CRM (Telecom CRM)


Customer Relations Management is about managing the organization’s relations with its customers. Our team of Analysts review the organization’s processes when dealing with their end users before developing an agreeable CRM solution workflow and modules.

Based on the approach defined, our varied solution architects then map these requirements to various COTS and Open-source CRM solutions. Feature coverage is provided to our clients for inspection for senior management approval. Depending on the approach the Executive management inclines towards, Apercu’s Technology department can facilitate transitions for new CRM Initiatives as follows:

  • CRM COTS development: With our network of alliances, Apercu’s Technical Solutions team works with our business implementation partners to implement the desired CRM System with licensed technologies and the best industrial support where ever possible.
  • CRM Open-source development: Given the nature of Open-source development, Apercu’s Technical Solutions team engages system architects and ITIL driven Process Engineers/Developers to properly envision and set in place the governance, and the operations for CRM solutions development and the after services catalogue.
  • CRM Consulting Services: Primarily focused on Process and Governance is a service Apercu offers to its customers looking to streamline and possibly initiate an upgrade or migration for existing CRM focused systems. Apercu’s team of Subject Matter Experts focus on understanding and expediting organizational needs is versed with the required technical experience and strives to provide industry accepted best practices.


On a general note: CRM’s focus on end user satisfaction. For this reasons, Apercu’s SME’s focus on process mapping to organizational workflow. Apercu’s approach is in understanding your customers and your market psychology to set in motion the solution package to automate your Customer relation’s management needs. Our business solutions are more than just software and programs. They enable you to:

  • Track Customers
  • Track Service Representative Performance
  • Launch campaigns targeting specific groups.

Telecom CRM:

  • A product of Apercu built to support telecom environment specific requirements.
  • Services include: TEM’s practice, spend analytics, customized support for Inventory Management, Sales repository and Mobile Access to Analytics and BI.