Portfolio, Program and Project Management Office (3PMO)

Apercu’s PMO is a:

  • Combination of Industry Best Practices
  • Designed to house all 3 Core management profiles
  • Scalable to meet all range of assignments.
  • Cyclic process to evolve and meet industry changes.


According to the Standish CHAOS Report (2009), 68% of software projects do not meet time/cost/scope targets.  This is why it is crucially important to use proper PMO framework to ensure project completion. Albeit most of the long-term projects go through many changes, Apercu’s Projects unique Program and Project Management Office practice is tailored to meet each requirement and ensure success of initiative in:

  • Product Innovation
  • Market Opportunity
  • Cost Control
  • Quality
  • Client Integration

Projects have a start and end date. Even if the project is long term, Apercu Global’s unique Portfolio, Program and Project Management Office practice is tailored to meet each requirement in turn. PPPMO is not just a means to setup an office, it is a Practice!

Organizations are living, breathing constituencies whose action/reaction is profiled by the cumulative psychology that controls, manages and directs the organization’s behavior.

Apercu Global’s experienced Project and Program Managers synchronize themselves with the organization’s psychology to assist with each client’s requirements and engage in each effort to effectively deliver client expectations.

PPPMO Practice enables and mediates through the following principles:

    • Organizational Assessment: The key to understanding what type of PPMO Solution is needed by individual client starts with an assessment of current operations, business processes, organizational structure, key business domain relations and identifying change areas and subsequently quantify change impact.
    • Technology Assessment: A dichotomy of the organization’s systems provides a refined view to understand the need for change, optimization and implement results from the lifecycles of various products, products and programs sponsored by the organization. Although experienced staff brings invaluable knowledge base to each engagement the technology system that supports these personnel is equally responsible for a smooth project, program or product development, deployment, and implementation.
    • PPPMO Optimization/Analysis: As a corollary to the first two steps of assessment, PMO Optimization and Analysis provides a 360 degree view of the Organization’s current state of PMO and solutions on optimizing business processes and technology updates where applicable.
    • PPPMO Assimilation: PMO Assimilation technique is unique in extending PMO Optimization services to provide a framework for emerging markets PMO’s to work in conjunction with the organization’s current PMO guidelines and system regulations and can also be used to enable market consolidation and/or merging for unified PMO. PMO Assimilation technique enables virtual project management to enable project and program managers to monitor, mentor and streamline assignments.
    • Transition: PPPMO practice is not complete unless a PMO is developed, deployed and integrated with organization’s environment.  Apercu Global takes up the responsibility to smoothly transition PMO created/implemented along with the team that understands the functions of their PMO to client organizations.

Transition includes but is not limited to:

  • HR Training
  • Systems development
  • Workflow implementation
  • Documentation of Standards, and Learning

All services are based on PMO Best Practices as experienced/developed by Apercu Global team.

PMO’s exist to support an organization’s endeavors; yet, a PMO cannot be quantified or described specifically to answer the question “What is a PMO?”

Taking into consideration challenges posed by the possibilities of a PMO, Apercu Global’s PPPMO practitioners take pride in working with clients on the following service models:

  • Near-shore PPPMO: We provide the resources and develop the standards with client organization on our premises. We work with the organization, understand the concepts and develop the PMO Solution using our practice and client’s needs assessment and after completing the cycle, we deliver the personnel, and system to maximize PMO potential in light of client understand and needs.
  • On-shore PPPMO: PMO deployed at the client premises with our team deployed on site. The advantage to Onshore PPPMO solution is Knowledge Retention and PMO operations management. Any PPMO member will be shadowed by other PMO member to ensure no void is left in case of a turnover.
  • Off-shore PPPMO: We provide the man power to support our client’s PMO needs on offshore locations. Clients can also choose to deploy Offshore PMO setup and our team of PPMO practitioners will enable the setup/implement and setup the PMO on offshore locations.
  • Archive PPPMO System: Apercu Global’s PPPMO System enables PMO Document Control and management. Apercu Global’sarchive system is based on enterprise management systems to enable ease of integration with enterprise management systems of client organization.


Regardless of the model of services our clients choose, Apercu Global’s policy towards PPPMO Service personnel is to shadow resourcing and parallel run.