Sophia Douglas

Sophia Douglas

Global Practice Leader

Sopohia Douglas is leading the firm’s Economic Consulting practice. She has been instrumental in developing the practice globally. She also sits on the company’s executive committee.


Ms. Douglas is widely recognized as a leading expert on issues such as economic damages, economic costs, pricing of regulated services, mergers and acquisitions, and antitrust. She has more than 25 years of experience on these issues across a number of industries, including telecommunications, energy and transportation. 

She has provided expert testimony on a wide range of issues before federal and state courts, arbitration panels, regulatory commissions, and numerous state regulatory agencies and mediators. Ms. Douglas is expert at analyzing complex economic models and calculating economic damages; examining the public and private benefits of proposed mergers and acquisitions; assessing the marginal, incremental and standalone costs of services provided by regulated network industries; and evaluating the pricing of access to network facilities.


Economic Consulting


B.S., Rice University

M.S., Yale University