Alexander Knight

Alexander Knight

Managing Director,Europe

Alexander Knight served as managing director of the European region of Apercu Global, which includes offices in Paris, London, Frankfurt, Milan and Moscow.


Before coming on board, Alex earned his CPA and acquired almost 10 years of industry experience. He worked in Deloitte, Mercer, followed by time as a CFO for a Fortune 100 Technology Firm, where he gained tremendous and diverse exposure to people and issues within the accounting and finance arena.

Alex’s experience has given him an insider’s view that he now uses to help him formulate a strategic approach for clients in workforce solutions. But beyond strategy alone, he makes sure the recruitment process is personal for everyone: “Every individual is different, and I make a point to truly listen – not just hear – to what each of my clients and candidates says so that I can respond appropriately to their needs.”

Alex has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Statistics from Carnegie Mellon University and a Master's degree in Financial Engineering from Columbia University.


Emerging Markets


M.S. Columbia University

B.S. Carnegie Mellon University