Apercu Global has been providing professional consulting on environmental services to private and public clients on over 7,400 projects in 25 countries since 1988. Working with federal and state agencies, as well as municipalities, we aid at environment planning, testing and consulting, as well, as laboratory testing services and environmental health and safety training.


We implement our in-depth experience, while working on the following projects: energy generation and transmission, conservation planning, water supply and wastewater, education, recreation and open space, residential, commercial and industrial development, solid and hazardous waste elimination, environmental site assessment and permitting, air quality, soil evaluation and analysis, sustainable and carbon services.. We also help our clients protect their assets and limit their liabilities when faced with environmental challenges. 


We assist small companies and large corporations in every step of project from pre-purchase site evaluation to federal, state, and local environmental approvals and permitting to construction and post-construction environmental monitoring. Apercu Global works with real estate owners, developers, and management firms, banks and institutions.


Apercu Global is renowned for the state of the art team of Environmental consultants, with constantly updated technical, regulatory and policy knowledge in order to provide the best service to our clients. They provide superior value through safe, cost effective and innovative solutions, creating maximum return and minimizing risk, while conducting private investigations and environmental claims analysis.

Apercu experts develop proactive environmental (CSR) programs that enhance reputation, as well as advice on handling environmental issues and crises.


Some of our services includes, but are not restricted to:

•             Alternative dispute resolution (arbitration & mediation)

•             Building Facilities Services

•             Contribution and divisibility analysis

•             Conventional energy, power and utilities (including oil and gas)

•             Data management

•             Environmental Compliance Audits

•             Environmental cost allocation

•             Environmental Health and Safety Training

•             Federal involvement studies

•             Environmental cost and damages claims development and/or analysis

•             Forensic historical research and retrospective analysis

•             Liability estimations

•             Private investigations

•             Project finance, management and commercial modelling advisory

•             Public sector advisory

•             Remediation trust, PRP group accounting

•             Renewable energy

•             Restructuring and complex insolvency

•             Strategic Competitive Intelligence

•             Sustainability reporting and consultancy

•             Tax services including corporate tax, VAT and employer solutions

•             Waste and recycling