Energy & Utilities

Companies, working in Energy & Utility verticals, operate in complex and demanding environment, balancing between manufacturing and service provision within stringent regulatory system and high level of competition. Delivering new infrastructures or improving existing networks, is a complex and costly process, which requires high level of professionalism.


When facing with large-scale development programs, energy and utility businesses recognize the value of working with a market leader in consulting, who can help them generate money-valued ideas, promoting growth while saving on their daily operations.


Apercu Global has been a worldwide trusted advisor to senior executives throughout the Energy& Utilities industries since 1987. At Apercu, we understand the challenges and pressures associated with energy or utility construction projects, operations and maintenance of these complex facilities. We help our clients deliver new facilities, while improving the efficiency of existing plants. We deliver quantifiable results, surpassing the needs and meet the unique business and technology needs of energy and utility companies. We work with our clients to solve their unique performance and operational challenges and to identify opportunities for growth, develop full potential, invest wisely and become more valuable.


We provide value-added services thorough transparent support and direction, fertilizing best market practices, integrated in our services. Whether your project needs are related to a new plant or line expansion, environmental or facilities management issue, Apercu Global delivers a variety of required consulting and IT testing services.

We provide end-to-end asset management services across the entire value chain, helping clients achieve high performance through deep industry knowledge, innovation and leading technology.

We are committed to our high reliability, high value delivery model, helping our clients fulfill strategic, financial, legal, regulatory and reputational needs. As per IT integrated solutions, Apercu Global provides with top-notch technology solutions, whether it is CRM System, Oracle, SAP or C++implementation.

Apercu offers integration and implementation services for custom-developed applications and utility-specific solutions, as well, as to legacy mainframe applications. Our top-notch consultants have extensive experience addressing conflicting regulatory frameworks, power industry restructuring, contractual disputes and litigation to ameliorate performance and identify opportunities for growth.

All of our consultants on Energy and Utility matters are professionals with more than 15 years of industry experience, able to deliver quality solutions in timely manner on a cost effective basis. Our communication professionals enable strategic communications services across all the disciplines, from capital markets to investor relations. Our professional program and project managers provide consultancy on cost reduction, construction delivery, and facilities management.

Our clients include over 300 of the world’s leading Energy& Utilities companies around the world. Our clients do business in the production of crude oil, natural gas, refined products, chemicals, coal, electric power, emerging technologies and renewable energy.

We have the expertise, resources and professionals ready to work hard for you to deliver the results.

Our Energy & Utility services include, but are not restricted to: