Product Development &Launching

Product Development and Launching



In today’s reality of tight budgets, Developing and Launching of new products & services requires twice as much expertise, discipline, and creativity. To add to it, the external environment is constantly changing due to new technologies, trends and competitive activity.

Apercu Global implements complex and individual projects on Project Development and Launching, optimizing business activity, increasing profitability and ensuring desirable results. Within past 10 years, we have completed more than 800 projects on Product Development and Launching just in the USA. Our consultants have a vast business coaching background and a track of successfully developed and launched products.

Our business insights are based on years of practical technical and business experience. We are able to generate solutions to bring products to market faster, optimizing resources and ensuring customer acceptance. We deploy highly skilled teams of consultants that provide leadership, project management skills and knowledge of the market, assessing all marketing systems and processes, formulating and executing action plan for you product launch.

Our approach lies in customization of each product launch. To drive product development and launching, reducing the complexity of development process and improving time to market, we have designed comprehensive strategically aligned program, which consists of 3 phases. The first step includes thorough marketing research, followed by defining product attributes, messaging, product positioning and formulation of consumer perception. Our next step is development process, during which strategic design and budgeting is formulated. Final stage of tactical execution includes pricing development, distribution planning and ongoing support.

Our client range includes small to midsize companies, as well as Fortune 500, with services and products varying from engineering and healthcare to aerospace machinery. The common thread is that their products and services offer added value to their customers, largely due to our commitment to constantly improving their development processes.

Our services on Product Development and Launching include, but are not restricted to: