Building & Reinforcing Brands

Building and Reinforcing Brands

Effective brand management requires deep analytics of marketing decisions and implementation. Establishing successful branding is not enough and requires reinforcing or, if necessary, revitalizing. Reinforcing involves a number of actions, ensuring innovation in product design, manufacturing, merchandising and ensuring relevance in user and usage imagery. What’s more, it is critical to analyze the consistency of the marketing support that the brand receives, both in terms of the amount and nature. IN revitalizing approach, recapturing of lost sources of brand equity should be recaptured or new sources identified and established.

At Apercu Global, we use two strategies for reinforcing brands: expanding the depth and breadth of brand awareness through brand recall and recognition by consumers during purchase or consumption, as well, as improving the strength, favorability, and uniqueness of brand associations, adding to brand image.

In building brands, we use storytelling, as a valuable tool in establishing brand image and positioning. We have tools and capabilities to communicate clearly who you are and what you stand for and build a brand image that would attract peers, representing authentic values such as honesty, integrity and persistence.

Our team of branding consultants are passionate focused industry leaders, who have successfully and implemented over a 1000 branding strategies, building new and reinforcing existing brands, raising the bar of trust amongst our numerous clients.

We deliver measurable results creative creating and reinforcing corporate brands of small to Fortune 500 companies, as well as personal ones. Our approach lies in authentic brand communications, which brings brands to a different level of consumer perception. Establishing trustworthy relationships between brands and consumers, we embody the former with purpose, values, integrity, and passion.