E-Commerce & Web Development

E-Commerce & Web Development:

Whether it is a high-end complex customer relations management system, e-commerce web development or customized COTS/open source product implementation, Apercu e-Commerce & Web Development (AeWD) teams are abreast with latest technologies, tools and innovative solution design capabilities!

While Apercu’s clientele envision their web development strategies, impacts and feasibility, AeWD team is equipped to handle web initiatives in any commercial or open source technology. Apercu’s team of SME’s will review the market and perform the trend analysis to design the best competitive platform to service your target consumer market’s online experience!

Our E-Commerce service is a science to understand the product, propose the solution and effectively deliver the technology that best suits your needs!

Apercu’s unique corporate culture inspires innovation in its employees. Web technology offerings are in the following domains:

  • Video and Podcasting: Whether our clients look for their next branding initiative or looking to outreach a wide range of consumer marketing, Apercu’s AeWD team will provide development expertise on video and podcasting platforms!
  • Presentation Tools: if your company is looking to develop its next commercial presentation for internal or external usage AeWD will enable your vision and offer its innovative approach to develop multimedia presentations just for you!
  • Collaboration & Brainstorming Tools: When envisioning a collaborative effort, finding order within the chaos of intellect can be challenging as most organizations define a JAD or Brainstorming session to be “long and lost in translation” due to the nature of discussions. AeWD teams are equipped with tools to manage, maintain complex mind-mapping tools to ensure innovation is not lost over a period of discussion.
  • Blogs & Blogging: AeWD Team is set up to develop blog sites that fit your needs. Whether it is for educational purposes or for refined subject sharing, Apercu provides the ideal framework for blogging and bog spaces in various technologies such as: Wordpress, Blogger, Drupal, Joomala and more.
  • Wikis: AeWD is equipped to architect your organization’s next “big” wiki experience! Apercu’s web architects have the experience to deploy a manageable and technology independent framework for organizing your organization’s article, tutorial, case study library. A framework laid out to meet your organization’s expectations for improved user experience and intuitive web design is the focus of AeWD’s Wiki initiative.
  • Social Networking: Traditionally envisioned as a means of “getting the word out” for everyone to hear and propel through the internet space, social networking initiatives are important not only for home users but also for corporate culture. AeWD team is ready to handle your organization’s social networking needs. Whether your organization spans globally or intends to create its own social community centered around a specific target user group, AeWD team is experience with Facebook and MySpace App development experience!
  • IM: With the need for improved and efficient communication technologies, IM stands at the core of every organization’s operational needs! While your organization may deploy a proprietary or home grown IM system, AeWD team will take it to the next level of communications! Security, firewalls, network configurations, grouping and other familiar IM ingredients coupled with intelligent intranet and internet sharing facilities are at the heart of our IM application development teams! Whether it is a telecom solution you wish to integrate with existing IM tools or want to develop a new plugin to meet your needs, AeWD team aims to surpass your expectations as SME’s and communication experts.