Application Development

Application Development:

Apercu’s development teams are composed of SME’s, Architects, Analysts and high end developers to ensure the quality of services are unmatched. As Apercu’s Dev Department (ADeD) modus operendi is centered around the customer; “Customer’s requirements and specifications are of the utmost concern when considering an application development initiative.” It is only natural that teams are configured to understand Business needs before creating a technical platform which will suffice satisfactory services delivery model.

Development strategy:

Application development according to most technical reviews is challenging not because of the complexity of the project, or the user requirements, however, over time, unmanaged discovery and the lack of insight into business domain expertise causes poorly documented or rarely understood requirements for an application. ADeD teams are comprised of industry experienced successful program managers and Project managers who are unique in their blend of experience. Teams seemingly are composed of expertise ranging from: domain expertise to high end technical developers.

ADeD’s strategy is to adopt industry best practices, customize them as per business requirements and finally bridge the gap between expectations and real time development possibilities from technology stand point. The very nature of ADeD’s composition emphasizes delivery as can be seen in the diagram below:

Application Development Process Chart

Apercu’s business culture believes in the individuality of every client. Teams along with the executive management emphasize on building Project plans to delivery models around each client, specific to business requirements. There is no “one shoe fits all” philosophy.

While domain experts work on understanding and articulating business requirements, analysts from the market along with their technical analysts focus on defining the technology specifications. These specifications are then translated by technical leads into a system definition. This marks the process of the “Innovate” within ADeD world!

Apercu’s development teams have time and again managed to surpass customer expectations and overcome the differentials between Technology and Business!