Labor & Employment

Labor & Employment


Federal and state governments surround compensation, hiring and other forms of employment

Nowadays, organizations have to deal with large complex payroll, personnel and timekeeper databases, which is quite difficult time consuming. What’s more, they are bombarded with ever thorough federal and state government’s scrutiny over employment discrimination cases, such as compensation, hiring and separation.

Apercu Global consultants specialize in economic and statistical in-depth analysis of data and damage exposure, review and rebuttal of expert reports, and have broad experience testifying on numerous conduct and implications of labor and employment cases. Our professionals are trained to handles large amounts of data quickly and effectively, solving disputes, such as wage and hour issues, class action and certification, lost earnings and discrimination. When dealing with claims, our experts evaluate economic value of it and determine whether the implied class of labor/employment litigation meets legal requirements for certification.

Our clients include both large and small companies, as well as government agencies involved in complex labor and employment disputes. We also have experience consulting employers, tracking employment practices, plunging into proactive studies of employment and contracting, monitoring consent decrees and hiring agreements.  At a special request, we are able to conduct unique analyses for an individual company.

Apercu Global is able to assist you in:

  • Analyzing the overall performance of your labor and employment services, including program performance, program quality/error rates, policy effectiveness, federal measures compliance and customer service delivery.
  • Data mining, electronic discovery, and audit to detect and prevent fraud in labor and employment programs
  • Identifying opportunities to integrate service across labor and employment programs and service delivery channels that foster better customer service and operational cost effectiveness.
  • Identifying, planning, and executing a roadmap for modernizing your legacy systems.


We offer analysis of the following areas:

  • Audits of employment practices
  • OFCCP audits
  • Compensation studies
  • EEOC investigation
  • Employment discrimination
  • Equal employment opportunity (EEO)/employment discrimination and litigation
  • FLSA wage and State wage hour issues
  • Fraud Detection and Prevention
  • Hiring Process Re-engineering System Planning and Implementation
  • Internal Compensation
  • Non-Salary Compensation
  • Organization and Change Management Services
  • Policy consulting
  • Program Evaluation and Analysis
  • Promotions and Layoffs
  • Recruitment
  • Reduction-in-Force assessment
  • Service Delivery Model Assessment
  • Wage and hour analysis