Audit Operations

In today's complex environment, an audit is integral to corporate success, providing evidence to stakeholders that financial results are reported in accordance with applicable standards.

Construction Audit

You can reduce your risks, meet project goals, and reduce cost with construction audit and consulting services from Apercu Global. Our commitment to your capital program starts with professionals dedicated to helping you succeed. Our construction team members bring proven business expertise coupled with extensive construction industry experience.

Contract Compliance

Apercu Global provides Contract Compliance service to help clients protect and enforce their rights to own and use patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets, as well as franchise agreements. Many companies recognize significant royalty revenue from licensing intellectual property such as electronics, software, publications, and other assets. Mathematical error and misinterpretations of license and franchise agreement language can mean thousands, or even millions of additional royalty dollars are lost. At times, licensees may intentionally understate sales subject to royalty, which is not as easy to detect, but it does happen, and it can result in additional lost royalty revenue to the licensor.

Fraud Investigations

Organizations today face the daunting possibility of allegations of wrongdoing from any number of sources—shareholders, anonymous whistleblowers, regulatory agencies, employees, vendors, customers and suppliers. Often, the board or audit committee and management must respond rapidly to allegations in order to stem potential financial losses resulting from adverse publicity, reactions from the financial market or even the possibility of regulatory enforcement actions.

Licensing Audit

Apercu Global provides licensing audit services to licensors (and for licensees) around the world. Our team has deep experience in extraordinarily complex software, electronic, and mechanical technologies to conduct thorough but amicable audits across the world. With company audit experience across North America, Europe, and Asia and an independent firm approach (as is required for CPA firms), we are equipped to meet your needs as a global licensor.

Operational Audit

Apercu Global will visit your business onsite and provide you with an audit of your service/operations department. We will assess your day-to-day operations for efficiencies, safety and profitability. We will make recommendations to you on how to improve your service offerings, decrease your costs and improve your profits. We will work with you to develop new systems and procedures; provide additional training and coaching; and develop an action plan with responsibilities and deadlines to achieve your goals.

Quality Assessment

Apercu Global conducts continuous assessment activities in order to systematically improve the quality of services provided. Ongoing assessment is used to inform planning and decision-making and provide a gauge for the service quality of all units. An assessment plan is developed and implemented by each unit and includes outcomes and measurements specific to that unit's functions. Annually, a written assessment report is prepared by each unit to document how well outcomes are being achieved and to identify specific improvements that are needed within the unit.