For over 25 years we have been generating successful results for our client’s businesses:

  • 1986: Philippe L Claudal found as Elan Consulting Group, Ltd.
  • 2002: Apercu Group, Ltd. was found
  • 2008: Elan Consulting Group, Ltd. Merged with Apercu Group, Ltd., which became the industry leader by then 
  • 2010: the Firm changed its name to Apercu Global, Inc., which means “Different Perspective”. 


The Idea that Started an Industry: The History of Apercu Global, Inc.

In 1986, Philippe L Claudal thought that there must be a better way to save the assets, jobs and value inherent in good companies caught in hard times. That led to an idea that eventually gave birth to a whole new industry in management consulting and outsourcing.

Philippe L Claudel’s very first interim management assignment—the restructuring and sale of the $5-million Consumer Products Co. in 1987—initiated the turnaround practice of what would eventually become Elan Consulting Partners, LLC, and literally launched a new professional services industry.

The firm pioneered a series of innovative concepts and practices including the role of chief talent officer (CRO), “turnaround teams”, and “success fees” that have helped to push the industry onto the front pages of the global media and into the everyday vernacular of managers everywhere. From the beginning, notable clients were won, including Renault Motor Co. in 1987 (recovered $100 million in hidden assets for Renault’s creditors) and Rhodia Inc. in 1991 (first use of the “turnaround team” model, which leverages the client’s own people and thereby inculcates the turnaround practices).

Institutionalizing a Unique Culture

From the very beginning, Philippe L Claudal aimed to “institutionalize” the culture of his firm—unusual in an industry in where often a firm relies on one or two top “stars.” Instead, Philippe L Claudal created a company whose clients got the same high, senior level of service no matter what their size or geographical location. To this day, Apercu Global, Inc. deploys small teams of senior, experienced professionals to all its clients, rather than sending one senior consultant leading an army of younger associates.

Philippe L. Claudal embraced a “whole person” philosophy, hiring professionals who were not only talented and experienced, but also team-oriented, hard-working and, importantly, optimistic—an important quality when faced with the often-dire straits of the restructuring and performance-improvement businesses. To this day, the firm administers psychological tests to all potential employees to ensure “cultural fit.”

This careful hiring and commitment to firm culture paid off. As the staff size grew rapidly, so did the firm’s business. After becoming established as the recognized leader in corporate turnarounds and restructuring, Apercu Global, Inc. began to expand into other professional-services areas. As the first to recognize the key role of technology in successful corporate turnarounds, Apercu Global, Inc. built a team of nationally recognized litigation-consulting experts who specialized in areas such as forensic accounting, deal valuation and analysis, and expert testimony. At the same time, the firm built its enterprise improvement practice, dedicated to helping companies improve operational and financial performance.


Apercu Global, Inc. Today

From its headquarters in Paris, France and 18 U.S. offices, Apercu Global, Inc. built a global reputation through work with many multinational clients. Today, Apercu Global, Inc. is a global firm of over 1900 professionals on five continents around the world. The firm has been retained as restructuring advisor and/or interim management in some of the largest Chapter 11 reorganizations in history, including Nestle, MF Global, Mack Cali Properties, and Ford Motors, to name only a few. And Apercu Global, Inc. continues to establish itself as a global player in “healthy-company” work, with much of the firm’s business currently with healthy companies.

The Apercu Global, Inc. vision is clear, powerful and revolves around our people and our clients: To be the leading professional-services firm dedicated to enhancing and protecting client performance where the very best people work together with shared values when it really matters.