Whether it's a special project, a gap in our internal resources or a new initiative, we've had great results relying on the attorneys at APERCU GLOBAL to help us with corporate governance, litigation management, employment matters, and general corporate transactions. Equally important, internal clients who have worked with APERCU GLOBAL's consultants have been complimentary of the level of their expertise, 'can-do' attitudes, and strong work ethic."

-- Neal A. Crowley, SVP & General Counsel, Smile Brands Inc.

"Acquisitions always create new legal and business challenges. We were able to utilize one of APERCU GLOBAL accomplished corporate attorneys, who worked on-site as member of our legal team, to help us close the deal in a timely manner. I appreciate the experience, professionalism, and dedication of the APERCU GLOBAL attorney we worked with and think APERCU GLOBAL has an innovative solution to rising legal expenses."

-- Norman W. Gholson, Vice President, Assistant General Counsel, Mattel, Inc.

"APERCU GLOBAL partnered with us effectively and provided us with an outstanding lawyer who was able to contribute to our business from the first day of her project. The lawyer had broad commercial contracting skills and was exceptionally adept at working with our internal clients and closing out projects. In addition, she was a perfect fit culturally for our company, and was embraced by the members of our department who recognized her as a top notch professional who worked collaboratively with every one of my lawyers to help them succeed."

-- Michael C. Ray, Vice President, Corporate Law, Western Digital Corporation

"We've had a very good experience with APERCU GLOBAL. The sophisticated attorneys they deployed in the U.S. and Europe met our legal needs, and fit nicely within our budget. We now view in-sourcing attorneys from APERCU GLOBAL as a reliable solution for some of our legal needs."

-- A. Robert D. Bailey, Vice President and General Counsel, Bausch & Lomb

"A refreshing and positive experience - with court-ordered deadlines rapidly approaching, we turned to APERCU GLOBAL to help us with a critical element of eDiscovery by reviewing a large volume of electronic documents for privilege and the creation of a privilege log. The legal consultant that supported us had over 20 years of experience and was able to immediately step in and complete the project quickly and accurately. Not only did the APERCU GLOBAL team help us meet the deadline, but they helped us significantly reduce the costs of our litigation."

-- Teigue Thomas, Vice President and General Counsel, Acer/Gateway Computers

"Bankruptcy is a challenging process, fraught with legal and business complexities. The attorney APERCU GLOBAL deployed was well-versed in the bankruptcy process and also sensitive to the people and financial issues involved. This attorney helped to bridge us through a period when we were facing unique new demands on our time, losing key people internally, and trying to control rampant outside counsel spend."

-- Leonard McGill, SVP, General Counsel & Secretary, Fleetwood Enterprises, Inc.

"APERCU GLOBAL provided a team of experienced attorneys to furnish litigation support together with our outside counsel. The APERCU GLOBAL team delivered quality results in a professional and cost-effective manner. We look forward to partnering with APERCU GLOBAL again."

-- Kelli L. Christenson, Senior Counsel, Benefits, Kraft Foods Global, Inc.

"Pleasantly surprised - As general counsel of an emerging growth company and a first time client of APERCU GLOBAL, I was skeptical as to whether APERCU GLOBAL's attorney could provide the quality of work that I expect from top ranked law firms. APERCU GLOBAL's attorney delivered - he helped us move three simultaneous transactions forward on a tight schedule, and his work was first rate. I'll absolutely use APERCU GLOBAL again."

-- Paul Galleberg, former Latham & Watkins corporate partner

"APERCU GLOBAL partnered with us to help manage an especially high volume of merchandise licensing contracts. APERCU GLOBAL assigned a superb attorney with entertainment industry experience who was able to seamlessly integrate into our group and provided training to my lawyers for some of the more intricate aspects of the licensing contracts, viewing her as a true business partner. As a result, we successfully executed an enormous backlog of contracts, and built a stronger team along the way."

-- David McDonald, Director of Global Contract Administration, Fortune 100 company

"APERCU GLOBAL provided us with a great attorney to assist with a variety of matters, including finance transactions involving a line of credit, review of master trust indenture, and support with a tax-exempt bond financing. This individual was not only a seasoned, highly competent attorney, but also a fantastic cultural fit with our organization during a period of critical need. The cost-effectiveness of the APERCU GLOBAL. business model is impressive considering the caliber and quality of their professionals. We look forward to a long and successful partnership with them."

-- Shannon Dwyer, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, St. Joseph Health System

"APERCU GLOBAL partnered with us to rapidly assess our legal needs and reduce our dependence on outside counsel. The APERCU GLOBAL attorney we utilized had impeccable credentials and was able to quickly and adeptly complete numerous international licensing transactions. The transactions included a complex license agreement with a leading Italian international eyewear company for our new line of fashion sunglasses. APERCU GLOBAL was a true partner in getting our deals done. We look forward to working with APERCU GLOBAL again in the future."

-- Daniel J. Burke, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, St. John Knits, Inc.

"APERCU GLOBAL provided us with an experienced attorney whose critical analysis and creative solutions allowed us to exceed a very aggressive goal of reducing outside legal expenditures by more than 50 percent. The value of APERCU GLOBAL' services is outstanding. We have begun implementing changes that will reduce the outside legal spend and immediately add value to our enterprise."

-- Michael A. Colliflower, EVP & General Counsel, HealthMarkets

"When we turned to APERCU GLOBAL for legal support, they exceeded our expectations by delivering an experienced attorney adept in a variety of legal disciplines. He quickly gained the respect and confidence of our executive team by guiding us through a sensitive corporate and management restructuring. Moreover, his business acumen, creativity, and collaborative approach proved invaluable as we launched into the global markets. In short, we couldn't be more pleased with our experience with APERCU GLOBAL."

-- Ennio Ponzetto, Chief Executive Officer and President, eCommLink, Inc.

"Acquisitions demand a high level of legal sophistication, experience, and attention to detail. Given our complex structure and the high expectations of our private equity investors, we turned to APERCU GLOBAL's because we knew its team of legal professionals would not only bring significant experience to the table, but would also support our in-house legal department for a fraction of the cost of what we would pay to our outside counsel."

-- Tania King, General Counsel and Ethics & Compliance Officer, Advantage Sales & Marketing, LLC

"Given our positive experience working with APERCU GLOBAL's Accounting & Finance Consultants, we were delighted to look to APERCU GLOBAL's Legal practice when our needs required an interim General Counsel. APERCU GLOBAL provided an accomplished attorney that had both a strong national law firm background and relevant experience as a general counsel. This attorney was able to assimilate very quickly into our business and was an invaluable member of our team during the time he was here."

-- Keith A. Katkin, President and CEO, Avanir Pharmaceuticals

"APERCU GLOBAL was a true business partner. By quickly assessing our specific needs, they were able to identify our specific issues and provide us with one of their legal professionals who became an integral part of our in-house legal department and delivered results that had a tangible impact on our operations. We look forward to working with APERCU GLOBAL again in the future."

-- Phil Grevin, Vice President and General Counsel, Veterinary Pet Insurance Company